All My Bags Are Packed            

They say that air travel is the safest method of travel on the planet today, and as someone who travels thousands of miles every year as a part of my work, I can greatly attest to that, as I have ridden hundreds of planes in my life, and yet to have anything bad happen. As a jet setting individual who has more frequent flyer miles than items of clothing, I thought it would be a good way for me to unwind, especially on red eye flights across the ocean to take some time to sit back, and put some of my experiences down into blog form. If not to let you know about how great air travel can be, but perhaps to help alleviate some fear you may have when it comes to your first flight.

So a little about me, I’m a consultant with a large firm who helps out businesses of all types with their growth and expansion. I have assisted small and large companies in the States, to Australia, Britain, many Asian countries and more. One thread that links all of those things together, well besides myself, is the air travel that’s necessary to be able to get between those locations. I find myself on a plane more often than I find myself on the ground sometimes. I have become pretty adept at knowing where to sit, how to make boarding easier, how to find a good nearby hotel, and how not to get scammed by local taxi drivers, among an assortment of other skills that I have needed to acquire in my tenure as a professional plane occupant.

One may think that in the wake of all the terrorism incidents that it would be monumentally more difficult to fly, when in fact the reality is, is that it’s just more time consuming to get onto the plane now. I remember when those fateful attacks happened, thanking my lucky stars that it was one of the few days that year that I didn’t have to fly at all. Thinking about the horror that must have gone through those passengers minds as the incident unfolded. I’ll be honest, I was a little wary myself on flights after that, but it was something I had to do for my livelihood, and so I did it. I wasn’t looking at anyone of color as a potential terrorist mind you, I was simply more afraid of things that I had never considered before.

Since that point though, the fears have washed away, and I simply spend more time going into my particular flight routine. Certain magazines I read, audio books, and now of course bringing this blog to the public eye. Hopefully it will not only allow the flight to go faster for me, but provide you with a means of reading that can hopefully hold some of your attention and have you invested enough in the idea of a man who practically lives on a plane.

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