I’m Ready To Go            

For those who don’t know the story, you may be thinking that one day I just answered an ad for a company looking for someone who wants to spend most of their live thousands of feet in the air, when in fact this position kind of fell into my lap. I used to do consulting for a lot more local companies, and as my proficiency in that department grew, they would have me drive to nearby cities to do what I do. This was a lot more tedious, not only because of the uncomfortable nature of long car rides, but you continually have to be alert and awake and keeping an eye on your surroundings, whereas in flight I can just sleep through it if I’m tired enough.

The first time I was given an assignment that required flying, I was pretty excited. I had never been on a plane before, and I honestly thought it meant more to me as an employee that I would be trust to deal with a client so far away, and be paid to travel for it. In actuality, it tends to burn out a lot of the people who do this particular aspect of the job. Spending so much time away from your family, never really getting to explore the places you land because it’s typically too quick a turn around, I can see where it’s just not meant for certain types.

Fortunately for me, I had none of those things weighing me down or holding me back. Upon my return from my first outcall, I was immediately given another assignment heading the other way, then over time they became more frequent, I wound up driving less, was assigned overseas a few times, and it just kept spiraling from there. I can say that I was the least bit upset about it, and I wound up wondering why it wasn’t a more desirable things for our workers. I got to get out and see the world, do about a third of the work as my coworkers were doing, my flights, meals and hotels were paid for. I was basically just collecting money and dropping it in my bank when every pay day came about, it was the kind of cushy job I dreamed about when I was younger.

Sure, you have to deal with the flights. Some passengers can be downright rude, you have the occasional baby crying away, but for the most part, it’s a pretty quiet and uneventful trip. I liked booking seats near the windows as it gave me something a little more to watch than just the backs of the seat in front of me, but in the chance that I did get stuck in the middle, I always found a way to cope. No matter what position I was put into, I always found a way to get through it unscathed, perhaps why it was a job that suited me so well, and kept me at it for years.

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