On a Jet Plane            

As I write this latest installment of this blog, I find myself in a fortunate window seat, watching the ground of my home city started to grow further away, and I take to the skies on my next adventure. This one is keeping me within the US and it’s actually a pretty short flight, which is why I decided to spend the time witting this rather than just waiting for the ride to end. I am on my way to Louisville to have consultation with some of the fine folks at Expedite Construction as their company is coming along quite well, and they’re looking to put some expansions into place , always goo when I get these types of assignments, as they go fairly quickly and are almost always done in good spirits.

So I sit here, with my laptop on the fold out tray, and a neighbor peering over my shoulder to see what’s so important to be writing about at this time, and now completely ignoring the screen as he read that past line. Thinking about the myriad of different things I could be sharing when it comes to air travel. I assume I should get some of the most important and typically asked questions out of the way. The first being whether or not I have time to shower or bathe, like my job only consists of either being on a plane or getting onto another one. So the answer is yes, just usually at the hotel rather than my own home.

The second most common one involves a certain club of people a mile high. And the answer to that one is also yes. I was young and brash before, and I made my advances. And it worked, exactly once. It was awkward and cramped, and I don’t know if either of us enjoyed it much, but it happened. The other typical one involves food, people asking whether or not I get to eat any food that’s not made by an airline, and the answer is, all the time, just once again usually at a hotel, where I don’t think the quality is much better than the airplane. I also tend to try and get hotels that have either a pool or a weight room so I can keep up with some exercise in my downtime.

Probably the most common one though, is the incessant asking of when I’m going to settle down. Like the position I work is only a transitory one, and not meant to be done by people with stable lives. And the answer to that is, I’m extremely stable. Maybe one day I will settle down and get married, but as of yet, I’m in no rush. It’s particularly hard to meet women in my line of work, but it does happen, see question two, but as of yet, I like my life, I like my job, and I like being up in the clouds more often than feet on the ground.

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