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Hawaiian Airlines to Debut New Amenity Kits and Soft Goods

Hawaiian Airlines to Debut New Amenity Kits and Soft Goods

Hawaiian Airlines has chosen Noho Home by Jalene Kanani Bell of Hawai’i as the designer of its new soft goods and in-flight amenity kits, with an emphasis on sustainability and rooted in aloha.

In lelo Hawai’i (the Hawaiian language), “Noho” means “to be, to dwell, or to come from.” The Leihk Suites, the airline’s newest Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner premium cabin, served as inspiration for the Noho Home designs, which use three motifs (Kilo Hk, Lele, and lali) to evoke a sense of place and comfort for both kama’aina and guests as they set out on their journey. This strategy perfectly aligns with Hawaiian’s service tenet, Mea Ho’okipa (I am your host).

Starting on November 6, passengers flying in business class on Hawaiian’s lengthy overseas flights as well as flights between Hawaii and New York, Boston, and Austin will be treated to amenities manufactured from sustainably based materials. To reduce waste, visitors will be given a recycled plastic canvas bag filled with necessities and will be given the option to choose from a variety of additional amenities on a la carte basis.

A luxurious quilt with the new distinctive Kilo Hk and lali motifs, a mattress pad, and a sleeping cushion will also be included in the Business Class seats. Fabric manufactured from recycled plastic is used in the mattress pad and quilt. Extra Comfort and Main Cabin passengers will get new amenity packs with the Lele pattern.

Inspiration for the three designs came from the native Hawaiian practice of kilo, or careful and constant observation, and tells a story of exploration through patterns, colors, designs and textures.


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