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BermudAir’s Service Evolution: Transitioning from Business to Dual-Class

BermudAir's Service Evolution: Transitioning from Business to Dual-Class

Just weeks after its inaugural flight, a new airline that promised all-business class cabins abandoned those intentions.

An industry-leading approach to air travel was announced by BermudAir, which highlights itself as being designed for “business and premium leisure travellers.” It had intended to arrange its two leased Embraer E175 aircraft, which were formerly in the fleet of the now-defunct British airline Flybe, starting on November 1 so that there would have been 30 seats spread across 15 rows.

However, with BermudAir converting to a “dual-class” cabin type, passengers will now have the option of flying in economy.

According to Adam Scott, CEO of BermudAir, “the strategic shift in service plans enables BermudAir to honour its commitment to provide reliable, practical service to and from Bermuda, while also responding to evolving market dynamics and early customer feedback from its phased launch.”



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