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Korean Air donates $25 million and retired Boeing 747 to Los Angeles  

Korean Air donates $25 million and retired Boeing 747 to Los Angeles  

Korean Air has announced a $25 million commitment to the California Science Centre, along with a retired Boeing 747 aircraft, to establish the Korean Air Aviation Gallery at the planned Samuel Oschin Air and Space Centre.

The Gallery will feature a diversified exhibition of around 20 aircraft, including a Boeing 747 airliner fuselage that will serve as the Gallery’s centerpiece. A model of the Wright Brothers’ 1902 Glider, a Harrier T4 jump-jet, and a historic F-100 Super Saber will also be visible at the Gallery.

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“The Los Angeles area has welcomed our airline, and it’s an honour to give back to this great community,” said Chairman Walter Cho of the airline. “Los Angeles was Korean Air’s first U.S. destination, and we’re honoured to be a part of its aviation history.” This facility will offer educational possibilities and, ideally, motivate young people to become more interested in aviation and its impact on society.”

Cho stated that the 747 exhibit will highlight the famous aircraft’s groundbreaking technology and continued significance. In a theatre on the plane’s main deck, visitors may witness the plane’s huge scale and stunning design, as well as take a simulated journey from Los Angeles to Seoul.

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Other hands-on experiences include a Wind Tunnel exhibit, which allows visitors to explore in a wind tunnel lab to learn about the forces that propel planes, and a Design-a-Plane display, which provides a one-of-a-kind instruction in aircraft design and engineering.

“We are deeply grateful to our colleagues at Korean Air for their tremendous generosity and partnership in creating a world-class science learning experience that will not only benefit the children and youth of our shared Los Angeles community but will inspire visitors from around the world,” said Jeffrey Rudolph, President and CEO of the California Science Centre.


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