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Air India Passengers Stranded Inside Plane for 2 Hours Due to Pilot Absence

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According to reports, over 100 passengers were forced to stay nearly two hours inside the aircraft on September 25 due to the absence of the pilot of Air India Flight AI853 from Delhi to Pune.

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The flight, which was supposed to leave at 7:10 p.m., took off at 9 p.m. and didn’t land in Pune until nearly 11 p.m. Due to a lack of pilots, the delay left disgruntled passengers wondering why they had to wait two hours after boarding. Concerns regarding flight timeliness and passenger satisfaction have been brought up by this awful incident.

The flight crew gave short justifications for the delay to the passengers on board, citing “operational reasons.” However, under criticism from furious passengers, they eventually acknowledged that the lack of pilots was to blame for the drawn-out departure.

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Another passenger tweeted that, We were kept in flight for more than 1 hour because your pilot was not on time. This is really pathetic. No staff knew reason and inform passengers. It felt like kidnapped in suffocating environment. AI853- delhi to pune.

These flights are scheduled, claims a civil aviation expert who talked on the record. The result is that everything needs to be scrutinized and inspected in detail in advance. The passengers weren’t adequately told about the reasons for the delay, he claims, which is worse.



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