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Russia asks Pakistan to return helicopter engines

Russia asks Pakistan to return helicopter engines

Russia is in a terrible situation as a result of Ukraine’s lengthy conflict. In order to restock its military equipment, it turned to former defense allies for assistance. Moscow is particularly interested in Pakistan.

According to the report, Islamabad has been requested by Russia to return the helicopter engines. These are necessary components for the Mi-35M helicopter, which is widely used in Ukraine. The Pakistani Foreign Ministry, meanwhile, has denied any claims that it was contacted by Russia regarding any such requests.

This role emphasizes the conflict’s wider effects on foreign military alliances and the defense sector, as well as Russia’s pressing need for military assistance.

Russia’s attempts to safeguard these vital assets are part of a bigger modification of its military supply lines since the situation in Ukraine keeps its rotary-wing aircraft operating at a high operational tempo.

Russia has apparently made similar requests to other nations, including Egypt and Belarus, demonstrating a trend of seeking backing for its military forces used weaponry.



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