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Airbus Helicopters Achieves Milestone in Electric Flight Control for NextGen eVTOL

Airbus Helicopters Achieves Milestone in Electric Flight Control for NextGen eVTOL

Airbus Helicopters’ demonstration FlightLab has successfully tested an electric flight control system in preparation for a new human machine interface (HMI) that will equip CityAirbus NextGen, Airbus’ eVTOL prototype.

This significant milestone heralds the arrival of a new generation of electric-powered urban air mobility aircraft. The improved piloting aid supplied by the electric flight control system has significantly simplified the pilot controls.

One single piloting stick substitutes the three traditional pilot controls (cyclic, pedals, collective) and can handle all aircraft axes, a first in the helicopter industry. The pilot can do all manoeuvres with a single stick: take-off and landing, climb, descent, acceleration, deceleration, turn, and approach.

After the successful flight test campaign, Airbus Helicopters is working to complete the details of this new system before new tests are conducted within the framework of Vertex, a project carried out in collaboration with Airbus UpNext that will advance autonomy even further by managing navigation and streamlining mission preparation.

One of the early researchers into how electric propulsion may aid in the advancement of new categories of aerial vehicles is Airbus. CityAirbus NextGen, the company’s entirely electric eVTOL prototype, was unveiled in September 2021. As a crucial step in its objective to cut emissions in aviation across its product line, Airbus is creating an advanced air mobility solution using eVTOLs in addition to providing a new mobility service.


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