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Boeing’s Latest AH-64E Apache Version 6.5 Redefines Top Attack Helicopter

Boeing's Latest AH-64E Apache Version 6.5 Redefines Top Attack Helicopter

As part of Boeing’s ongoing modernization efforts, the AH-64E Apache’s most recent version has successfully flown with an enhanced capability suite. The newest version of the top attack helicopter in the world is the improved E-model Apache, often known as Version 6.5 or V6.5.

V6.5, awarded by the U.S. Department of Defense in December 2021, includes software updates enhancing capabilities and improving the pilot interface. Some of those enhancements include:

  • Optimized route and attack planning
  • Enhanced Link 16 features
  • Integration of an Open Systems Interface, setting the stage for Modular Open Systems Approach for maximum interoperability, faster integration and advanced capabilities fielding.

The U.S. Army Apache project manager, said, “We’re very excited about the ongoing development of the V6.5 software as it paves the way for Apache modernization.” “V6.5 integrates the whole E model fleet under a single piece of software, reducing training and maintenance while paving the way for sensor/capability parity, allowing the Army to address mandates and vital technologies. The future’s relevance must be guaranteed as a key priority.

The business is collaborating with the U.S. Army to integrate the Improved Turbine Engine (ITE) on top of V6.5. The General Electric Aerospace T901 engine will increase reach, power available, time on station, fuel efficiency, and sustainment enhancements such as health and usage monitoring, maintenance, and engine lifespan.


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